Dumb, easy question: Can I use Arduino IDE?

Can I use the Arduino IDE development environment to develop for the Electron?

It’s not so much the environment as being able to use standard libraries such as I2C with Adafruit temp/humidity sensor, I2C or SPI for a local display mini screen, HC-05 serial Bluetooth transceiver, and GP-20U7 serial GPS module.

I have a working project that runs on either the ESP32 or ESP8266 (choice depends on which local display is used). It uses Wifi to a Jetpack in order to talk to my cloud server. I want to port it to the Electron so it can run directly over cellular instead of needing wifi/jetpack.


No you can’t

But there are many libraries already ported for Particle devices and if there is a particular one you are missing, porting that for Particle isn’t that hard a job anymore.