Downloading Web IDE project with libraries to WorkBench

I have a Web IDE project that contains libraries. According to Particle if I use their exporter I should be able to bring this down to the local WorkBench. Well I just did this and my project still will not compile as it complains it cannot find the library source file .h file…
What is going on?

Windows 10 platform


Can you please share your process of how you’re exporting and importing your project?


The library never gets exported only the src folder .ino file

The Web IDE exporter currently doesn’t export the libraries in a way that works with local compile, but it should work with cloud compile.

To make it work with local compile:

  • Open the project properties and note the lines that being with dependencies. For example:
  • From the Terminal window, for each library, do a particle library copy for each library:
particle library copy Adafruit_BME280_RK
particle library copy Adafruit_SSD1306_RK

I’ve tried that along with Find Libraries and it doesn’t find PollingTimer??

What is in your file in the top of your exported project?

Wait…I take that back…looks like I may have had a typo bcz it is doing it now

Thank you for the help

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