Downloading code from spark core

Thank you @Dave @kennethlimcp for the link - Spark-CLI
I should also thank @seulater
for the tutorial to develop apps using Net beans !


Hi @Dave do you still provide access to deleted/destroyed code through your database backup? I’ve lost my work as well and currently seeing if restoring it from your end will be a lot quicker than a rewrite.


Hi @MarkyD,

Sorry about the slow reply, been very busy working on the Electron! :slight_smile: We do keep regular database backups, but it’s typically requires quite a bit of work to pull something from an old backup. I’m sorry you accidentally deleted your project, how much work would it be to rewrite? I’m guessing it’d take me a few hours to pull your application from an old backup, and there’s no guarantee it’d be the version you wanted I think.


Thanks @Dave, you’re right so I’ve re-written the code and in the process made it a bit cleaner to run :smile:

Thanks for getting back to me. Lesson learnt and will backup, backup, backup.

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Hi @MarkyD,

My goal is to prevent this sort of thing as well, I’ll bring this up again with the IDE / Dev team and maybe we can provide some means to recover from this more easily.


Anyone could explain how the 0x08005000 relates to the STM32 Flash address space? Thanks!

The memory map for the (older) Particle Core is here:

For the newer Photon things are slightly different and not in the doc yet. The command shown above is for a Core.