Downgrade Electron from 0.8.0 rc.4 to 0.6.4 seems to work but reverts to 0.8.0 rc.4

Hi Guys, testing 0.8.0 rc.4 firmware and want to go back to 0.6.4. I am able to flash to 0.6.4 but the Electron come back to 0.8.0 rc4.

My steps

  • Put the Electron in DFU mode
  • Using Mac terminal :
    particle flash --usb system-part1-0.6.4-electron.bin
    particle flash --usb system-part2-0.6.4-electron.bin
    particle flash --usb system-part3-0.6.4-electron.bin

Put in listerning mode and see 0.6.4.

Way a couple of minute, see the Electron led flashing magenta for a long minute and when I go into Particle Console (web), my Electron is back to 0.8.0 rc4.

What’s step I missing ?

Thanks for you help

You probably still have user firmware that requires 0.8.0-rc.4, which will cause the device to upgrade again. You can flash your own firmware that only requires 0.6.4, or:

particle flash --usb tinker
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I’ll check that and let you know. Thanks