Dowload of particle driver and Symantec Norton Internet Security

Good Morning after download the particle driver the Norton Internet Security delete the files reason WS.Reputation.1.
Help thanks Valentino

Are you running Windows before 10?
From where did you download the drives?
Is this the most recent virus definition file for Norton?

Have you seen this? It’s a bit dated, but may still be relevant

Hi ScruffR

Thanks a lot Valentino

Windows 10 doesn’t require the serial drivers anymore, so you should be good without them.
The DFU drivers are still needed tho’ but via zadig you should still be able to get them past your virus scanner.

BTW, Particle is checking why the whitelisting of their drivers has gone missing with Norton again.

Many thanks M. ScruffR on the time I change the rule for the CLI Driver on my Norton SW.

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