Don't understand this particle website pricing. What does this mean?

I’m lost. I’m confused. I don’t understand this website.

So If I scroll 98 devices. The hardware stays $19 per device?!?!

Do you mean 1 device for $19? 2 devices for $38? Is it not $19 for 98 devices?

What can be confusing there?
It clearly stated $19 per device (not "$19 for all devices")

Who on earth would ever order less than 100 devices when the cost for 1 or 100 would be 19 dollar flat? This interpretation just doesn't make sense.

The real "benefit" of this web page becomes clear when you go for more than 100 devices since then the straight X times $19 breaks down because cloud fees start to apply and per device cost goes down - up to 100 pieces primary school maths (and reading/understanding) capabilities suffice.


Sorry about that. It’s the subconscious or subliminal thing. Take a look

This website sells $22.00

Have you checked what the Chinese vendor charges for one of these “knock-off Arduino” nanos?
One original costs as much as five “knock-offs” - “look the same” does not mean “is the same”.

BTW, comparing a Photon to an “knock-off” or original Arduino™ nano is like comparing a Harley Davidson to a “fake” or original Burgman™ scooter :wink:
And that despite the original Photon being cheaper than an original Arduino nano.


I believe that the Chinese vendors who sell Arduino clones for as low as $2 are able to do so because they use the absolute cheapest components they can find, and assemble them as cheaply as they can with as little quality control as they can get away with.

I’ve used the cheap Nano clones, and the difference in their performance compared to a genuine Arduino is about the same as the price difference. They burn out easily, have a Chinese USB driver chip instead of an FTDI, and I suspect that the processor is not a genuine ATmega328P because lots of timer stuff doesn’t work properly on some pins like it does on a real Nano or Uno.

All of Particle’s products that I have had experience with seem to be made quite well, and if you get a defective board, they will send you a new one for free (not to mention the tech support, open-source documentation, and community). That is not the sort of service you can get from some random Chinese vendor!