Does Xenon Provide 5V Power Source?

I’ve relied heavily on the VIN pin on the Photon providing 5V to run 5V sensors, does the Xenon have such a thing? Wondering if VUSB can be used the same way…If so, is this the same for all Mesh devices?

Thanks in advance!

I remember @Scruffr saying the mesh devices are 3.3V and not 5V.

The Xenon is 3.3V in the datasheet here:

You will need level shifters to interface with 5V sensors.
You may also need separate power.
Then again, some sensors will work just fine on 3.3V; check the sensor datasheet.

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Yup, that is correct.
While there is a VUSB pin which can provide 5V when the device is powered off of USB, but unlike Photon/Electron on mesh devices none of the GPIOs are 5V tolerant.
This means that you can power a 5V sensor but the output of the sensor cannot be 5V and be connected directly to any of the GPIO pins.
The input signal to any GPIO mustnot exceed 3.3V.


Great, thank you!