Does the Electron work with VPN-based SIM cards?

I am considering to use the Electron for a project where the electron should send and receive commands from my own server.

The connection with that server would be through VPN

I dont’t know if the Electron is able to work with these kind of networks. Is it?
Should I consider any special aspect to make it work?
The Application should manage the connection in any way different that the "keepitalive command?

VPN-based SIM cards should work with the Electron or Boron. However: In order to connect to the Particle cloud, access need to be granted to the Particle servers from the VPN. You will probably also need to set APN and keep-alive. Also, technical support, SLAs, etc. are not provided for 3rd-party SIM cards.

If you want to run the device completely isolated, without Particle cloud support, you’d need to manually enable only IP-level cellular in SEMI_AUTOMATIC or MANUAL SYSTEM_MODE. You’d need to flash code only over USB and of course Particle.publish, Particle.subscribe, etc. would not work. You could, however, use TCP or UDP to hosts on the cellular VPN. TCPServer does not work because TCP listen is not supported in the u-blox modem. You can only establish outbound TCP connections from the Electron or Boron, regardless of whether you’re using a VPN or not.

How that can be done? i don’t see any “IP-level” reference on the Device OS Api documentation

Use Cellular.connect() instead of Particle.connect(). Connecting cellular brings up the GPRS layer so you get IP connectivity.