Does the app still try to OTA during provisioning if the device is already up to date?

Hey - quick question - I want to provision a large number of new mesh nodes.

I I were to DFU them to the latest Device OS before provisioning, will the app skip the Device OS update over BLE? Is the app always trying to OTA the latest “release” via BLE? i.e. currently v1.1.1?

Currently, this is the time bottle-neck for my setup…

It’s not supposed to update when the most recent version is already installed and trying with a couple of devices did back that assertion for me.
You can always try with one or two devices yourself :wink:

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That was the plan this morning but as it takes a while to find out, I wanted to get a hint as to what firmware the app was pushing - was it the latest release or the latest pre-release - a sensible guess is latest release, so starting there

Can confirm - using latest release firmware on DFU skips the BLE OTA step.