Does particle HW support SWO?

The nrf52840 supports SWO line for debugging. But is it wired to SWD connector on particle HW?
It seems that Particle debugger does not support SWO. Is it really so?

I could get better debugger HW if I know that SWO is supported on dev boards.

Yes, the SWD pins are wired, and the debugger uses this during debugging. You can also use a J-Link to flash and debug code.

Great, thanks!.

I would like to get output to debugger terminal. The SWO line is for that purpose. What Particle debugger does with SWO? I hope it does not interfere with my efforts to get output working.
Has anyone else tried doing this? It is essential for debugging realtime stuff, you cannot stop on breakpoints.

BTW, There seems to be a small type in your datasheet (e.g. The block diagram shows a line SWD connected but it probably should be SWO. The connector picture later is correct.

Particle debugger is not very well documented, I did not find wiring diagram anywhere.

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