Does Particle connect to Flutter framework

This might be a stupid question, but anyway to connect a Particle device with the Flutter framework.

I like this framework and pretty much hate Java for android and Kotlin isn’t good for me because I’m a beginner.
Also, don’t want to write more code for the IOS or hire someone to do that.

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Seems to me that Flutter still allows you to code in Java, Swift, or ObjectiveC… can’t you just use the Android or iOS SDKs provided by Particle to communicate with the devices and cloud? Or are you looking for something very Flutter-specific?

I am also interested in building Particle supported apps using Flutter. Flutter has proven to be an excellent environment to quickly build mobile apps. Anything particle can do to better integrate their SDK’s with Flutter would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, it absolutely does. Communicating with the Particle Cloud is a simple REST process and Flutter supports that just fine. On the SDK side, to add the Flutter SDKs to a Flutter app, you’ll need to build a Dart/Flutter wrapper around the SDK to use it in an app.

Anybody have any ideas on Flutter integration? Building a wrapper seems complicated.