Using Kotlin with coroutine to access particle photn

Hello guys, Im pretty new with android studio and Kotlin. I was going over the Doc for android SDK and it mention to use Kotlin with coroutine instead of java to use the particle. I see no where in the documentation do show you how to do it but instead does it in java. I just want to be able to access some of the functionality of the API

Hey there and welcome!

Hi, are you working from this source? If so, there are snippets for basic interactions with the API. However, if you’re still getting up to speed on Kotlin, it may be best to build more projects before adding Particle functionality into the mix.

I do agree though that we should have more complete examples in the future!

Hello DJ_Volt
Thank you for the input. I just started learning android dev for a month and half but have experience with java and come from a web dev background. I able to interact with API with node.js no problem. I want to try it on android but no successful. I try it on Java and Kotlin. I add the dependencies and the user permission but I keep getting in error when I initialize the ParticleCloudSdk. I have it sync and import the libraries to use the function but I keep get error. I understand you need a Asyn for java or coroutine for kotline because of the thread and network call that come with it but no luck when I try to use those things.