Does Particle blacklist any IP addresses?

I have a couple of units in Mexico that don’t seem to be showing up at all in the console - not even a handshake. Customer can connect to the 'net with his phone using the same wifi the photons are connected to.

Just wondering if the Particle servers had an IP blacklist, and maybe my customer was on it for some reason? Scratching my head to figure out why theres no comms to particle in this case.

Are the devices breathing cyan?
A mobile phone is not a good test device to check whether a Photon would be able to connect or not. Modern phones support 5GHz WiFi band but the Photon only supports 2.4GHz.
Also firewall settings might allow the phone to talk to the outside world but may prevent the Photon from using Port 5683.
And many more likely causes on the device end rather than the cloud’s end.