Does Argon have 1 or 2 SPIs?


the Datasheet says the Argon has 1 SPI Bus.

But then there are PINs for SPI and SPI1.

Doesn’t this mean there are 2 SPIs, like on the P1?

It’s an error on the Argon and Boron datasheets.

The secondary SPI port is available on all Gen 3 devices except the Tracker on:

  • D2 = SCK
  • D3 = MOSI
  • D4 = MISO
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They also have 2 x I2C.

Only the Argon and B Series SoM have two I2C available.

On the Boron and Tracker the second I2C port is connected to internal peripherals and not exposed on pins. On the Boron it’s the PMIC (bq24195) and fuel gauge (MAX17043).

cool. htanks for clearing that up.

Sorry, I couldn’t help but notice that I2C is now correct but SPI still shows 1 on the Argon Datasheet.

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