I have a question concerning the Boron SDA/SCL pins.

I currently am using the D0/D1 (SDA/SLC) pins but would like to add an additional I2C sensor.

Is there a way to use other pins for SDA/SLC communication so I would have 2 I2C sensors?

Thanks for your help.


@Athnetix, if you are trying to add another of the same sensor, does the sensor have address setting pins? Which sensor is it? Also, from the docs:

On the Argon/Boron/Xenon, D0 is the Serial Data Line (SDA) and D1 is the Serial Clock (SCL). Additionally, there is a second optional I2C interface on D2 and D3 on the Argon and Xenon only.


They are different, one is a RTC and the other is a FRAM.

Thanks for the quick reply.


@Athnetix, you can have multiple devices on a I2C bus as long as they have different I2C addresses. That’s what I2C is designed to do. The fact that your devices are different indicates that their addresses are not likely to be the same. The only time the is an issue with when you have two devices with the same address. Which RTC and FRAM are you using? Their documentation will say which addresses they use. Also, the libraries for each of these devices already have the addresses as part of their code.


That solved my issue…thanks