Document example "BLINK AN LED" error


I know nothing about hardware, but I think I found an issue in your documentation.

It is said here Spark Docs | Examples that :

 The positive (longer pin) of the LED is connected to D0 and its negative pin (shorter) is connected to ground via a resistor.

However, that is not what I understand in the picture beside the text:

To me, the longer pin of the LED is the right one:
( )
| |
| |
[2] [3]

[2] shorter PIN
[3] longer PIN

Can you help me with understanding this example ?

I see that the longer PIN is connected to D0 via a resistor, and the shorter PIN is not connected with a resistor to the GROUND.

Sorry for the description but it will work the same :smile:

@corentin, i have sent in a fix for this issue: