Direct to Google Cloud without Particle Cloud?

Hello. I’m becoming more familiar with Particle cloud connectivity. This question is more out of curiosity for understanding, but is there a way to connect directly to Google Pub/Sub or other Google cloud services directly from Particle (Argon or Boron) without going through the Particle Cloud?

Thank you.

Since these 3rd party services typically use HTTPS endpoints but the device OS does not give you any hand with the S in HTTPS you’ll have to jump through some hoops and loops to achieve what the Particle cloud would do for you.

Thank you. So it sounds like it is possible but not in a clean way. Reading some of the other docs it sounds like publishing data to Particle cloud with the .variable or .publish and letting Particle Cloud send to Google Pub/Sub is far more efficient for data usage is that correct?

Yup, I’s agree with that.