Strategy for working with Google Cloud Platform

I am working with Google Cloud Platform, to introduce my students to a robust, large system for analyzing data. It looks like I can connect to GCP either via Google Pub/Sub or Google Cloud IoT Core.

On one hand, I’d like to work with Cloud IoT Core because Google seems to look at that as their gateway to the rest of their services; but the tutorial just uses Google Pub/Sub, and I couldn’t follow the forum discussion of using Cloud IoT Core.

Is there a definitive / Particle-approved recommendation on how to connect to GCP? Is there more specific documentation on how to connect via Cloud IoT Core?

Any pointers/leads/etc. would be greatly appreciated!

There are no resources available for integrating Particle devices into Google IoT core. It’s probably not impossible, but it would be a significant effort as none of the device-side libraries exist for it.

The recommended method is to use the Google Pub/Sub integration to bridge the Particle Cloud and Google Pub/Sub directly, not using IoT Core. For communicating back to the devices, Google Cloud Functions and App Engine can directly use particle-api-js from node.js.

OK, thanks, @rickkas7, I will do what’s recommended. It’s just that the GCP documentation seems focused on Cloud IoT Core, and I feel like I’m sort of sneaking in to GCP through a side door.