Difficulty with adding library - Adafruit_Seesaw


@bsatrom, @rickkas7

Thanks for checking on me! I think in addition to the library I was also having a hardware problem, as the I2C on this display stopped responding, so I’m trying to get a replacement from Adafruit currently.

I’m having some success with the 2.8 touchscreen TFT, though, so have been able to shift onto another display for the time being.


Glad to hear. Let us know if you run into any further issues!



I am also trying to use the seesaw library - this time to get the Adafruit capacitive soil moisture sensor to work. I used the version of this library in the Particle library manager and with @m_m 's help can flash the Boron but, the device is not responding. Any advice on troubleshooting? Anyone have experience getting this to work?

Thanks, Chip


Hey @chipmc are you using this one? https://www.adafruit.com/product/4026?gclid=CjwKCAiA_P3jBRAqEiwAZyWWaKU_Fzr8YWtktG_Ru2BLUWGtG-K1dIuhtxRtl3hl-UMv0L4FzFX5KxoCw90QAvD_BwE. If so, I’ll grab a couple and verify when I get back home.

Are you getting no response from the Boron, or nothing at all from the moisture sensor?



Thank you for responding.

Yes, that is the one.

Figured it out. In the example code, the i2c address for the device is wrong. Once I fixed that, it started working. If you are the one who maintains the library, you may want to change this line in the soilmoisture example so others don’t bang their heads against the wall like I did:

if (!ss.begin(0x36)) {





Sorry, one more thing if I may -it is a nit.

The following line in the in Adafruit_seesaw.h is causing a “Problem” warning in Particle Workbench on compile. Wonder if it could be removed for the Particle Library version though it clearly is not causing a functional issue:

Line 23 - #if (ARDUINO >= 100)




No problem @chipmc, I fixed the example and removed the Arduino check. Just pushed a new version with both of those changes.



Wow! that was fast.

Now, I need to figure out how the new Particle Workbench handles updates like this. I will ask elsewhere but, do I need to un / reinstall the library to get the updates?

Thanks again for your help




If you run the Install Library command again, it should increment the version in your project.properties to v 0.0.5. If you see that, you should have the latest. LMK if it doesn’t work!


Brandon, could the (ARDUINO >= 100) be a side effect of these issues

There were no official responses to these issue reports but they should be addressed better sooner than later especially since they would be an easy fix.



It worked but it now is finding the ARDUINO issue in other files: seesaw_neopixel.h

Anyway, the update process is straightforward and this issue is not preventing me from flashing or using the code.




@chipmc, can you double check that you are targeting 0.9.0?

There should be some (partial) fix to the issues above



Yes, I am targeting 0.9.0 and am still getting a few “problems” but, again still working.


Have been engaging @m_m in Slack so this short list is a significant improvement.




Are these IntelliSense messages or actual build warnings?
If IntelliSense @m_m will keep scratching his head a bit more as that seems to be a rather picky feature to get right :wink:



I am not sure how to tell the difference. I know there is some bug that @m_m identified an opened a ticket with the VSCode folks on.

Thanks, Chip


@chipmc and i spent some time poking at this yesterday - the “Problems” panel will show both intellisense and build warnings / errors via what VSCode calls “problem matchers”. in this case, i’m not able to repro exactly what he’s seeing (on mac or windows 10) but it looks like an intellisense issue since they are errors yet he’s able to compile & flash. that said, when the “problems” appear would tell us definitively - if after compiling, they’re build “problems”, if before intellisense.

one thing to try: run the C/C++ Reset Intellisense Database command (View > Command Palette > type “reset database” and pick the command from the list).


@m_m, Thanks for continuing to look into this. I reset the database - and am now down to one - bogus - problem. The good news is that, when I click on this item, I no longer get that “problem exists in a file that is non-existent” message.

Partial fix?



Partial fix?

:thinking: probably just more evidence of some underlying bug unfortunately.

are you seeing any green / red squiggles in your .ino source file? if so, where? if not, are you able to right-click on the .h file portion of #include "Adafruit_seesaw.h" line, select “Peek Definition”, and see the appropriate source reference?

another thing worth looking at is the C++ extension’s log output - add "C_Cpp.loggingLevel": "Debug", to your ./.vscode/settings.json file (or open File > Preferences > Settings and then type “logging level” and select “Debug” from the options list for the “C_Cpp: Logging Level” option).

that’ll produce a fairly verbose log so it’ll probably be easier to ping me via slack and we can poke at it together (plus, i’m getting off-topic here).

thanks again for the reports :+1:



Yes, the Adafruit_BME680.h is underlined with red squiggles. When I peek, I do see the correct file.

I will look for you on Slack to send the log file.

Thanks again, Chip


@ScruffR it would seem that they are related, yes. I’ll ping the team and get their thoughts. Thanks for raising it.