DFU-Util that will work with windows 10

Where can I download a DFU-Util that will work with windows 10?

I tried one that was in a dropbox from mdma (2014 time frame), but it just opened and closed a window for a fraction of a second.

Other items that I found in the searches were several years old.

Would like to find something that will work from the CLI or programming shield.


Try using http://dfu-util.sourceforge.net/releases/dfu-util-0.9-win64.zip

SOURCE: http://dfu-util.sourceforge.net/releases/

Thanks, for the link, I got it to open.

My main problem was not putting in the arguments. The files you linked had a manual included, the same dfu-util was included with the particle cli installation, but the window wouldn’t stay open long enough to read it. Typing dfu-util --help showed the commands.

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