DFU Mode via Code

This question had been answered quite a few times a few years ago, but it looks like the old way isn’t working any more?
Basically, I want to be able to call a particle function that puts the Electron in DFU mode.

The workaround used to be setting the FLASH_OTA_Update_SysFlag (from the bootloader) to 0. Example code below.
However, those variables no longer seem to be defined.

OR, I just need more sleep and I’m completely missing something obvious.

You guys have any way to get the Electron into DFU mode via code?

 FLASH_OTA_Update_SysFlag = 0x0000;
 BKP_WriteBackupRegister(BKP_DR10, 0x0000);

@dcliff9, have you looked at:



Hm. Well. No. Through all my searching, I completely missed this. Thank you, sir. I really appreciate it.

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