DFPlayer Mini pins

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I’ve bought a couple. I have one directly connected to my Core and to a small speaker: 1W nom, 8Ω - 40mm. I’m not using any external power.

I’ve connected the speakers to SPK 1 and DAC_1 as per this pic. I get sound of a decent quality but very quiet. If I try to connect the speaker to SPK 1 and SPK 2 I get nothing.

(Regarding volume control, I understand this is done by a “long press” on next track with Fidel’s library. I didn’t find this worked. It just kept moving to the next track.)


Should I also be powering the DFPlayer externally? If so, with what? A 5v supply? And would I tie the grounds? I’ve read not…

Hoping this thing is relatively straightforward to use - I want to use it to play specific MP3s as occasional alerts.

Thanks so much

My 4-ohm 2.5W speaker is connected to SPK1 and SPK2, and it works fine for mono output. In fact, I have to turn the volume down because it it too loud.

For power, I connect the DFPlayer VCC to my Photon’s VIN, and I connect GND on both devices together. My Photon is powered via a USB connection to my computer.

In my experiments:

  • I connected a 3.5mm female jack to DAC-L, DAC-R, and GND. This allows me to lo listen to tracks in stereo.

  • I connected a female USB connector to VIN, GND, USB+, and USB-. That allows me to play tracks from USB keys. DFPlayer references them as UDisk.

Working with the DFPlayer command set is NOT straight-forward. My recommendations:

  • set up your media with folders 01, 02, 03 … up to 99, and then place tracks in the folder(s).

  • name the tracks 001.mp3, 002.mp3, 003.mp3 … up to 255.mp3

  • use the 0x0F command to play the tracks

At the very least, that will get you started … Once you get that working, you can explore other commands as your requirements, or curiosity dictate.


I’m now wondering if I’ve been sold a defective/copy item, it’s the MP3-TF-16P I’ve been sent not the DF Mini Player. I’m arranging a swap with the eBay seller for the real deal!