Device ownership and customer wifi setup

I’m not sure where to post my question so I placed it in General. I’m looking to build an aquarium lighting controller based on the the Photon as a beta release until all kinks are worked out. Now my firmware would be proprietary. With that being said how can my beta group testers connect to their WiFi and still be able to use the Particle mobile app to change certain settings that will be configured for them to change as well as see published events.

Thanks everyone for your answers and links to examples.

Am not sure whether my reference with “softAP” in the right direction leads … I only noticed that you have decentralized users at a WiFi.

What does that mean? Am still learning the Photon and trying to use between my cell and laptop for temperature updates. I went with this because I have delevoped code for an open source project but want to make it proprietary and be able to push updates to bugs that I find or my beta testers find. As of right now last time I got an event notification to my Particle app was at 1500hrs…but temp delay is every 10min.


There are many sample projects on the portal of
SoftAP is explained here:

Here is an example from my own - explains softAP and Temp/Humi-Measurement:

If this will not help describe your situation more in general. It could be that I’m not fully understand your case.

Perfect example…thanks.