Device OS 5.8.0 available in Workbench

Released on 15 March and 18 March I am still not seeing it available in the Workbench install Toolchain. Is there way to pull this change?

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Hi, as a workaround, you can:

particle update

so it'll update the device to 5.8.0, and you can continue to build with 5.7.0.

Fair point. I want to install the toolchain for 5.8.0 and use the pipeline on Workbench. The Device OS 5.8.0 is still not available after 4 days? Is there a problem?

The Device OS release occurred after normal work hours on Friday, and the person who normally does the Workbench release had an holiday in their office on Monday. The Workbench release should be out soon.

@rickkas7 Thank you for the explanation - perhaps this could have been put in the release notes?

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