Device Offline forever

My Photon comes up under Your Devices in the Particle app but always says Device Offilne. It worked a few months ago and only change is we moved our wifi router with us when we moved, so it’s a different internet connectio but same wifi network. I readded the device and it let me, but kept the same name. It let me choose wifi network and enter password but it still says offline. I unplugged device a few times and also refreshed app. It just blnks green, says Offline, won’t accept demo app from Particle Build.

Doesn’t work in CLI either, i got it blinking blue again and I’m literally connected to tat Wi-Fi network right now with the computer itself but it doesn’t come up on the list of available networks, just a normal home wifi

now it’s flashing but sometimes green, sometimes cyan

Could there be WiFi interferences in the new location?
Which WiFi channel has your router chosen at the new location?