Device ID unidentified when using WorkBench


I am hoping to get some help with WorkBench and an Argon.

When using WorkBench to do a local compile and local flash to an Argon device everything works as expected however when I try and view the Argon’s device ID, I get “undefined”.

If I flash the Argon with the Tinker firmware I am able to retrieve the device ID as expected.

I am using the Toolchain for Device OS 3.1.0

The Tinker firmware I uploaded was version “argon-tinker@3.1.0.bin”

Any suggestions on how to resolve this so that I can get the device ID when flashing custom firmware via Workbench?

Thank you,

How are you viewing the Device ID? particle identify? Is the device in listening mode (blinking dark blue)? Is your firmware using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED)? If you are using threading and you are outputting information to USB debug serial while you are in listening mode, you can interfere with the results getting sent back from the i command in listening mode.

Hi Rickkas7,

Thank you, it seems that my USB debugging was interfering with the Particle CLI.

Sorted now thanks.

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