Device Doctor Error


I had a perfectly good Photon, lent it out to a student, and he returned it stuck in listening mode (blinking blue). I tried using particle device doctor, and get this wonderful message: Cannot read property 'then' of undefined.


[ISSUE] Reinstall CLI?

I am getting a similar error for my Xenon :confused:


Put it in DFU mode and flash the OS and Tinker.


Sorry @mprogers, I didn’t see your post this morning before I posted something similar.

I’ll keep an eye on yours too! Cheers


confirmed there’s an issue w/ particle doctor - sorry for the bumps :pray:


I tried, and get a “Flash success!” message for my pains, but it then immediately lapses back into blinking blue.


I understand things break. Any chance that the particle doctor does house calls? :grinning: