Design power bank circuit with BQ24195

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Hi, I want to design a power bank control board for a single-cell lipo battery. The IC I have selected is BQ24195 by texas instruments. I think it is perfect for what I need. It comes with charge control, boost, voltage protection, I2C control, and many other features. But I have some doubts about the schematic given in the datasheet. I would be very grateful if you clear those for me.

  • ADAPTER+ & ADAPTER- pins will be connected to the power rails of input USB port. Is that right?
  • The power 5V output will be connected to the PMID pin where Phone/Tablet is mentioned in the schematic. I that right?
  • I’ll work without connecting USB host pins (D+ & D-) to anything. Is that right?
  • If I want two USB output ports (One for phone charging & one for 5V LED strip), then should I connect both of them to the 5V power output of this IC in parallel or should I add some more components to limit current on them?

Following is the schematic given in the datasheet for a typical application. Thank you.