Deserializing an Publish with JSON

I am trying to create a webhook which will deserialize my published data. Is it possible to do this with the API or do I pass the entire string to PHP and deserialize it then before pushing it to sql which will add one record at a time?

I want to publish something like this.

“{key1:value, key2:value},{key1:value,key2:value},{key1:value,key2:value}”

I would do that with PHP on the server side before pushing into database. Or, push the JSON string into your database and parse within an SQL Stored Procedure. Whichever is easiest for you.

I think you could also write a custom service that would receive the SSE’s from the webhooks. In that case you might be able to use the mustache templates to do what you desire. (I have no experience with SSE’s so someone else will have to lend support if you go down that route.) Same for PHP… not an expert. I can help you with SQL or .Net all day long… that’s what I work in everyday.