Deleting a "stranded" mesh network

Hi Guys,

Through a process of claiming and unclaiming an argon repeatedly I’ve ended up with a mesh network that has no devices associated with it. It shows up in Particle console, but no gateways and no mesh nodes listed, even though at the top it says “device count 1”.

Any way I can delete this mesh network? I can’t seem to join it again during setup of any devices, so it’s now just a useless mesh counting against my total.


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Same for me…

Same for me …

5 Xenons and a Boron already in a network. Removed the Boron and now the App demands a firmware update of the devices and stops that immediately with an “Error, The Bluetooth connection was dropped unexpectedly. Please restart the set up and try again” (iOS 12.1.2 iPhone 7 Plus).

There is currently no way to delete the unused, empty mesh networks. However, the limit of 10 networks isn’t being enforced at the moment, either.

Before we start billing for mesh networks, an option to delete these empty networks will be added to the console.


Thanks @rickkas7. I’m a completely non-critical situation (hobbyist) so if you need to try some stuff that could be disastrous - feel free :slight_smile:

@rickkas7 has there been any updates on this?

+1 I would like to be able to remove anything mesh at the earliest convenience. Thanks.

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Same for me.


same here

Same here. As I understand it, mesh networks have been deprecated for some time, and are now completely disabled, but I have a device that still lists the mesh network on the device page with no way to get rid of it.