Custom Rate Limiting

I have a product that uses Argons and is being adapted for P2s. It publishes a sensor reading whenever the reading changes by a certain amount, and only publishes if more than five minutes have elapsed since the last publish. Recently I had an issue with a deployed device that started publishing constant updates; I don’t have physical access to this device yet so I haven’t been able to determine exactly why this happened, but I was looking for a quick way to eliminate this from happening again (I’ve built in a cooldown timer already, but this bug was somehow able to bypass it). Is there some way either in the Device OS API or from the console to alter the rate limit to several minutes? If not, this would be an awesome feature, and one that would benefit Particle by eliminating wasted resources.

It’s not a feature of Device OS. I can see where it would be helpful in cases like this, but there is not a plan to add the feature at this time. It’s a great suggestion, though.

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