Cree RGB LED exact version?


Ostensibly the RGB LED is ‘CLMVB-FKA’. Could someone provide some helpful guidance and let us know what exact model are folk using in their designs that are in current production?

For quite a while we’ve been using CLMVB-FKA-CFHEHLCBB7A363CT-ND but its been phased out and is out of stock. We’ve also had numerous PCBA issues with 25% of the units simply not working, not sure if its footprint or what.

The Cree datasheet ( on page 4 indicates that the CLVBA-FKA-CC1F1L1BB7D3D3 has the brightest lighting, but no real difference aside from that.

Any concrete suggestions?

The LED on the actual Particle devices is an imitation, roughly equivalent to the Cree LED. However, it also has two pins swapped so make sure you use the correct pin assignments. Also I’ve found the footprint to be not quite the right size.

I used the Cree CLMVB-FKA-CFHEHLCBB7A363 as well and still have enough on hand that I haven’t switched to its replacement. I ended up making my own footprint to correct the pin and size issues.