RGB LED used on spark core, differences in LEDs and one wire issues

I was trying to read through the hardware docs. I’m trying to figure out what the RGB led is on the core.

I have some neopixels (matrix panels) 16 x16 i’d like to figure out how to convert bmp/gif to that.

I also have some diffused piranha rgb lights https://www.adafruit.com/products/1451 on the way.

First question is what is the core using as it’s indicator diffuse led (looks like piranha)

Second in terms of control from the core what’s easier to work with and I can’t seem to find any coding/setup guides for the piranha but they are super cheap…

Id love to get some info on differences and what/why use one over the other.

Finally i have these ds182b temp sensors that are waterproof one wire devices. While i’m new to the core i’ve tried all sorts of libraries, from the built in to some in posts. and i keep getting errors about not understanding the one wire.h library or the verify failing to compile due to the libraries not being available.

Sorry my mac is out for repairs or i’d provide more specific error but was hoping i could get some feed back on one wire and LEDs in meantime.

Thanks and this chip is pretty cool. Looking forward to doing more work with it.

This is the RGB LED on the Spark Core:

It’s a diffused Common Anode 4-PLCC LED with dimensions 3.5mm × 2.8mm, 20mA max per LED.

So it’s essentially driven with 3 PWM outputs through 1k ohm resistors. It would be way brighter if the resistors were 470 ohm or less. Honestly I don’t know how it’s so bright with 1k ohm resistors, perhaps I’m mistaken about that.