Creating a friendly UI to call phanton-cli

Hi guys,

I am new to the Particle world, and I want to develop a simple UI with Electron ( to do the initial setup of my Photon. I saw on github a brief explanation on how to use particle-cli as a global node module , but their is any docs on how to call the lib directly inside a sample JS script?

I also saw the particle-api-js project, but from what i understand I need to connect the Photon to the internet, claim it to an account, and set the photons Wi-fi network so it can work stand alone.

Any tips/docs?

Never mind, I looked into particle-cli source… lol

sorry guys, it was a stupid question.

For anyone interested, check the mocha tests on the project and you will see the basic instantiation needed for the setup.

	cli = new Interpreter();

	setup = new SetupCommand(cli);
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