Core or Photon connect to USB Gamepad

my question is if someone knows (or has done it) how you check the input coming from such a device. The question is not very speific because i want only in general know if there is such a possibility.
The background is that i want to control output from the Core/Photon over the gamepad. So it would be also nice if someone has suggestion where i can find articles with this informations.
thx in advance
PS the Core/Photon gets the 5Vin over the pins so that is done


you mean connecting a USB gamepad to a core/photon and read the keys pressed?

That’s a possibility for the photon but not for the core :wink:

Hi there @hape!

Interesting question! The photon supports USB OTG, allowing it to function as a host to the gamepad. The USB stack has source code for a HID driver although it is presently not enabled.

@satishgn has done work with alternative usb device classes previously - now we have more room in the Photon, perhaps these can be included as standard!

hi there
yes @kennethlimcp and @mdma thats my question. If it only works on the Photon ok i will have one hopefully in a few weeks so i can test and i will change all my three Core’s to Photon’s. So if its possible (and integrated as standard) this will be fantastic. So any suggestions in this direction i will help to test this and the dream comes true. The idea is easy: i will control games on a L3D Cube. So pls let it come true :-)))
thx in advance
Ps and thx for this helpful and informative forum

hi @ all
does anything happen to this topic or is there any interest to it?

It will be a great feature but not a high priority for now but if you get it working do share! :smile: