Core going idle

Hey Spark Core!
So I have a question I want to ask. I’ve been trying to flash code onto my spark with using a local cloud firmware in an application.cpp file using a command prompt. I’ve loaded the code and compiled everything fine and I would get back the output data on the command prompt. One problem I’ve been having is when I don’t use the spark core for a certain amount of time, say 6-7 minutes, the core goes idle and then disconnects from the server which in this case is a computer we’ve set up as our cloud connected to a router. Is there a way to have the core not go idle or instead of going idle, go into a certain mode like sleep mode?

To my knowledge the core doesn’t ever go “idle.” It should sit there and maintain it’s connection to the cloud if it’s just sitting in loop(). Would you mind posting your code? I’m not sure exactly what’s happening and until I do I can’t be of much help :(!