Turn off cloud features?

I now have two cores in production running 24/7. However because of issues with the cloud connection, they need to be manually reset multiple times daily. (translation: my living room blinds stop working randomly and my girlfriend isn’t happy:) )

I understand the team is working on the issue, but I’m worried its just one of multiple issues. It seems to be described elsewhere as the “flashing cyan” bug when reconnecting to the cloud. While I’ve experienced this, other times when the core locks up its just breathing cyan, other times the LED is off completely.

The most frustrating thing about this is that the cause of the problem, the connection to the cloud, is something I’m not using at all.

Is it possible to turn off the cloud features on the core and use it like an Arduino with WiFi only, bypassing the current unreliability of the cloud connection? If not, could I add it as a suggested feature?


or similar?

I understand it would stop OTA updates from working, but it could be considered an “advanced feature”, and up to the developer to implement it in such a way to take this into account. Eg: have a button to set Spark.online(true) before OTA firmware upgrade is attempted.


As well as Spark.online(bool) to control cloud use at runtime, would be great with compile time flag to completely remove the cloud support from the firmware, leaving just the basic wifi connectivity.

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There doesn’t seem to be a limitation documented to the Spark.sleep() function…

If you use the standard sleep mode Spark.sleep(120); does the Core reset after 10 - 15 seconds? I’m kind of guessing it would based on the fact there is no offline mode yet and sleeping for too long would block the heartbeat.

:sunglasses: It would be nice to have an easy way to keep your application code from running from a series of button presses on power-up. That way any time you mess up your code, or use the Spark.online(false); function and block the OTA Flashing process, you can stop your code from running and get a connection to the Cloud again to re-flash your device. For example, if you are familiar with the factory reset process… it could work it’s way through a new flashing color of Magenta before it gets to flashing White… if you let go of the Mode button during flashing Magenta it would stub out your application code… but retain all of your Wifi connection credentials and generally allow you to get back up and running faster than a full factory reset. :sunglasses:

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