Not using Spark Cloud and connecting directly to a server? [Solved]

Hello all,

Pardon if this is a dumb question. I have an application for my Core where I don’t want to connect to the Spark Cloud. I just want to get my Core connected to my wifi router and then connect directly to an IP address and port where I am running my own server with proprietary protocol.

Is it possible to do standard TCP/IP client server programming on the Core without using the Spark Cloud?


Hi @notronrj

Of course this is possible! You can turn the cloud connection on and off at will–see this doc section:

You can also start up without the cloud connection or even without WiFi. The exact way you do that is likely to change in the future, but right now there are two include files, one for the Cloud and one for WiFi. To start without the Cloud you use #include "spark_disable_cloud.h"

You should know that with the cloud disabled, you cannot do over-the-air updates of your firmware. A factory reset will allow you load new firmware, or if you can build locally, then you can use dfu-util and USB to put your firmware on your core.


Thanks again for the information bko… I certainly appreciate it. My Core has been sitting on my bench for a week… Maybe I will play with it this week. :slight_smile:

@notronrj Did you try it and did it work for you?

Just updated over here: