Can I use spark core without internet connection?

Before buying spark code, I want to confirm that can I use spark core without internet connection?

For example if I want to create a project where I send some code from android to core then core validates whether its correct or not and if it is, will blink an LED.

Can I do this without internet connection?

You can simply do so with

This will disable cloud connection on bootup and your user code will run immediately.

It depends on how you plan to communicate with the android device. Via serial? Bluetooth? Wifi?

You can connect to you home wifi router, it doesn’t have to be on the internet. with the Wifi turned on you can use TCP or UDP to talk to the phone.

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The local cloud would also be an option for networks without Internet, where cloud functionalities are preferred.

If I good mean:
If WIFI is on but no internet: The program can run in the Core with manual or Semi Autamtic system mode.

I would like to communicate with the core via Wifi.

  • I can not use the API functions?
  • I need to use TCP server functions to transfer data? Only is this the way? How can I get the Core IP address?

Like I said, if you like to use cloud functionalities on a local network, you can use the local cloud. Most functions from the public cloud are included and can be used.

You could print your IP address over Serial, or check your router for connected devices. I’m sure there are other ways as well.

To get the IP address you login to your router and see what it is, or configure your router so that it always gives the same IP address to your core (DHCP Reservation). You can also program your Core to print the IP address to the serial port.