Spark Core acting as client

Hi, until now I have seen examples that the Spark Core acts as a server.
Is it also possible to use the Spark Core as a client?

I am looking for a possiblity in which the Spark Core is most of the time in the sleep mode (to reduce power consumtion) but at certain intervals (maybe once a day) it has to communicate with a server to send/recieve information.
Do you think that is possible with the current (cloud) architecture?


Hi Henk - it depends on what you mean by server vs. client. The Spark Core communicates with the Cloud over TCP, and the Core is responsible for establishing the connection. The Cloud is always listening for connections. Therefore the Core is always the client, and the Cloud is always the server.

We are designing a sleep mode that allows you to set an interval for the Core to check in with the server; longer intervals mean lower power consumption.

Currently, all communications are synchronous, so if you send a message to the Core (through the Cloud) while it’s disconnected, it simply won’t receive the message. However it seems reasonable that there should also be some method of asynchronous communications, so you can send a message and know that it will be received when the Core re-connects to the server. I’ll add this to our feature backlog.