Copy Integration Into Product

Hi, I am at a point where I need to transfer Webhook integrations from my personal account into a product. I am attempting to do this by using the tool found here that is made just for this: Copy integrations into a product | Troubleshooting | Particle

But it doesn't seem like I am able to do so. The button to initiate this transfer does not illuminate for me. Attached is a photo.

Any reason why I can't use this tool? I'm stumped.


You're missing a panel of options between the Logout button and Move Integrations to product where you select the source. There should also be a list of integrations between the popup menu and the Copy Integrations button where you select the integrations you want to copy or move.

Since it's not obvious why this is occurring, it may be easier to just open the integration as custom JSON which will allow you to copy and paste the JSON between your sandbox and the product.

Gotcha, thank you! Just did this and it worked. :+1:

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