Controlling silicone heater from particle IO

I want to control a silicone heater from particle IO by reading the temperature and cutting off electricity after a certain temperature.
I am planning to buy this one:
What other parts should I buy and how should I connect?

Thanks in Advance!

Being 110vac you need to do some research on how this is controlled through relays and low voltage micro controllers. This is an area that can be very dangerous and unforgiving if done incorrectly, so you won’t get a lot of instructions on the connections here.

We’re all happy to help with code problems or logistics, and libraries, but high voltage is a different story.

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That’s a 12V heating pad.

@shradz , you can search the forum for RELAY to get you started for controlling the heating element.

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My mistake, I guess I saw the size and read as 120v. 12v will be a lot easier.

Thanks @Rftop and @Mjones! Will check out more about relays

For very simple and quick prototyping you could consider just a standard relay featherwing. Using an Adafruit Relay shield and a featherwing doubler, you’d have a plug and play sort of prototype with the on/off of the relay controlled via a number of different GPIO pins. Pair that up with a Gen 3 Boron or Argon and you should be set.

They list as sold out on adafruit. I have 10-20 of these on hand from early prototyping I did. If you want one of my extras shoot me a private message. I was turning 120 VAC on/off at about 4 amps using these. Granted it was not a high cycle rate but rather once or twice a day. That said, short term prototyping it would suffice.


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