Control spark without a router

Is it possible to control the spark out in the world without going through a wireless router? I want to control my creations from my iPhone directly to the spark (arduino) out in the world where there wont always be a wireless connection. Is that even possible?

Some WiFi modules allow the creation of a “soft AP” so that a user can directly connect to them without the need of a router or a hotspot. TI’s CC3000 module that we use on the :spark: Core does not have this feature. The only way to communicate with the Core is via a router. In your case, you can create a hotspot using your mobile phone that would allow the Core to connect to the cloud!

As i know iPhone can be a router itself. To get information - try to search for “Wifi hot spot on iPhone”. I think it helps.

Not sure about iPhone, but on notebook you can create this soft AP and then use local connection feature and get rid of router.

I confirm, iPhone and other iDevices, starting with iOS5 are capable to create a WiFi access point. The feature is known as Hot Spot and can made active by turning on the WiFi and activating the hotspot feature.

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