WiFi direct for SPARK and iPhone

I’ve got my project working reasonably well with an WiFi access point, however, I’d rather have direct WiFi communications between an iPhone and two SPARK.io cores. I’ve read something about iPhone iOS 7 supporting WIFI direct. Does anyone have experience with a WiFi direct iPhone and a SPARK?

I don’t think the Spark Core V1.0 supports WiFi Direct in any way.

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@harley, as @kennethlimcp pointed out, more specifically the CC3000 does not support WiFi Direct.


OK, if I can’t fix the SPARK end, does anyone know how I can get an iPhone to send/receive wireless messages to two different devices without a WiFi Access Point???

@harley, what you are asking for is essentially wifi direct which the Spark does not support. You can use an decent internet gateway (Dlink, Cisco, etc) and it does not need to be connected to the internet unless you need Spark Cloud services. The AP allocates an IP and provides IP routing between your iphone and the Spark Cores. :smile:

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