Control Dashboard for Particle


Hi all,

I’ve been using the Particle + Webhooks for a while now, to pass on data sent by a Particle to Azure, for ingestion into my cloud system.

I’m interested in triggering actions on the Particle, using particle.function().

I’ve given this a try, and it works great. However, I’d really need some sort of button-based dashboard to trigger the sending of these Restful messages, which in turn trigger actions on the Particle.

I am fully capable of building such a server/UI/webpage but don’t necessarily want to, as something like this must exist, and I don’t have the time.

Has anyone got any experience with a system like this? Ideally cloud-based, low-cost (or free) and customizable.

I’ve seen Andriod apps which basically allow you to assign HTTP Requests to ‘buttons’ or ‘tiles’ on a screen, which could work, but needs to be platform independent and a little more powerful.

Below are some links to UIs that I like, and are a good inspiration and indication of what I’m looking for:

Loxone Web UI


UPDATE: I think what I’m looking for is a ‘SCADA’ interface


Just wondering - is the answer to this Losant?


You might take a looksie at Thunkable for (easily) creating native Android and iOS apps. I’m currently using this development environment to create such apps for a commercial product. It works surprisingly well, albeit is somewhat limited in UI options.


Thanks @ctmorrison - is still the way to go? (Looks like that template was created pre iPhone version of Thunkable)


I just started from scratch and have used Thunkable X to have compatibility with both Android and iOS.


@GasGen Just let me know about this iOS mobile Dashboard creation tool that can be interfaced with the Particle devices.

It’s created by @gmaendel so if you have any questions he may still be around to let us know the best way to use the HMI Editor with the Particle data streams.


There is a REST API built in, I’ll upload a sample project later today when I get a chance.


here’s a link to a PDF with instructions and a screenshot that describes some of the fields.
it also includes the project file and a asset file that can be uploaded to the app with the built in web-server.
this app wasn’t intended for this, but it works just the same. it’s actually a HMI App that has built in drivers for Industrial PLC’s.


Thanks for taking the time to do this.

So you can use any custom image you desire in the app and then overlay data on top of it?


Yes, the UI is very customizable.


Note for others: more Googling and Forum searching reveals there’s also Porter and the Oak Dashboard.


Thank you very much for posting this. I saw your post on Hackster and was really interested in the app and HMI.

Excellent work.



Just as an update to anyone who may visit this thread in the future, it’s possible to build something very simple with node-red. FRED offers node-red-as-a-service, so coupled with the node-red-dashboard plugin, you should have everything you need.


Has anyone tried to work with Cayenne at ? Their dashboard looks easy to design with drag&drop.
There is little mention in the Particle community, but seems like people made it work in this old post
I found an old Hackster project that demonstrates how to flash an LED.
I also read in a post here that someone used the MQTT service to work with a Photon.
The unofficial library for Particle is here. I started to look into how it works. I don’t understand why it is mixed in with Blynk.
I am also wondering how much burden does is put on the Photon, on top of my own code.
However, I just read that library has been deprecated here and I need to use MQTT.

It would be ideal if Cayenne supported Particle hardware directly, but it doesn’t seem too difficult to implement as is. Or maybe the key words are “old post” and none of this works anymore?


I have used Cayenne quite a bit and it really is great. However there is no official support for Particle’s devices (Photon, Electron). They used to use Blynk on the back end to handle all the communications but since deprecating that and having their own MQTT and API’s they do not currently work well with them. Some others and myself have been able to send data to the dashboard but not from the dashboard to the device such as toggling an LED on or off. The Cayenne library that is in Particle Cloud no longer works. I am hoping soon that MyDevices has full support for Particle (and vice versa). I was told it is planned to be implemented in the near future.


Bump. Any update re: Particle and Cayenne integration?


I have not heard anything. I am starting to feel that either side are interested in working with the other. :frowning:


Could you possibly share with us a link to a Thunkable X project that shows how to connect to a particle board? I am having issues getting an app to sign into the particle cloud. Any help would be awesome!


Hi @SpaceCadetsLights, I posted a message on the other thread indicating I have made one of my projects public via Thunkable. Have you looked there, yet?