Control an Arduino Nano as if it was part of a Particle Device

Hi guys!
I just started a project to allow Particle devices to easily control Arduino Nano pins over Serial. It’s a two part library, and is hosted on GitHub.

The purpose of the library is expand the number of usable pins on a Particle device by creating an easy-to-manipulate Arduino slave. It is called “nano-control” because it is intended to work on a Photon and a Nano.

I still haven’t tested it fully because I broke my last remaining Nano recently. I want to buy some more so that I can test the library.


Have you looked at a port expander using I2C


No, because that is not what I am looking for. My project is specifically for controlling an Arduino Nano over Serial.

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If not for learning purposes, what could this be used for :)?

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I created this project for when users need more pins in a project than a Photon can provide, PWM’s especially, and also want to have multiple boards.

This is also for bringing the features of Arduino Nano’s online, specifically driving 5V hardware, which is something that a Photon can’t easily do.

This also makes it easier to create dual-device projects for multitasking the parts of a project.

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I’ve done what your doing for a project, works well as a expansion for a few extra pins for PWM output.

You could also consider something faster than 9600 baud serial like SPI.


What baud rate would you recommend?

  1. as fast as reliable
  2. as fast as it matters

If your application works, and you are happy, I’d recommend leaving it exactly where you have it, I guess!

SPI and I2C were developed for what you’re doing, essentially. Google is your friend on the details there.