Continuous Integration for IoT: Opti’s Stormwater Performance Management Powered by Particle

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The power of IoT in action is when it’s working without you even knowing — solving problems before they start. That’s how Opti approaches it, deploying it’s “smart-stormwater” solution in partnership with cities across the US to actively prevent flooding and environmentally hazardous run-off. In 2017, Opti’s solution greatly mitigated damages from Hurricane Irma in Florida.

Opti’s team joined Particle’s recent customer conference Spectra last year to share their change management process for IoT solutions built on a single Particle-powered application. This process is deployed across a network of stormwater assets across North America. Opti’s solutions integrate Particle IoT, Azure cloud services, and water resources expertise to provide the tools needed to apply Opti’s Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control (CMAC) approach.

Watch the full session below as they share more in-depth details on their open source Proteus application, which integrates Github, AppVeyor, Device OS, and RPi into a Continuous Integration (CI) system for Particle IoT firmware development.

Learn more about Opti here.