Console's "Publish an event" button not working

I’m a teacher and I’ve been using the Particle Photon in my classes for a few years.

We just jumped into it the last few days and I noticed that when I go to the console, the green “Publish an event” button no longer does anything when you click on it.


I’ve tried doing it with a Photon active, without one active, and from different accounts. All with the same result. When I click on the button, nothing happens. No error. No pop-up dialog asking for the event name.

Has something changed regarding it’s usage? Am I missing something super obvious here?

Hi there, I’m looking into this for you now!

Just checked on my console, same result. Also the “view events from a terminal” button is dead as well.

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Great catch @drlaw - this is indeed a bug. We’ll resolve this shortly. Sorry for the outage!


Hi @drlaw, @Mjones - I believe this issue has been resolved!



Thank you.