Console stops reporting events

My home network works off of my cell phone. When I receive a phone call the internet will go down during that time. Consistently when that happens the web console will stop showing new events. I also have it happen randomly without a phone call. I have used a terminal session with curl but it will fail but not as often. Is there a way to force the console to continue to receive published events?

If the devices can’t connect to the internet due to there being no internet, they can’t send anything, and the console can’t receive anything. Furthermore, if there isn’t any internet available for the console to get it’s updates, it can’t show you any updates.

Does that make sense, or am I misunderstanding something?

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I think @jstobaugh’s issue is that the SSE stream is not being picked up upon after the connection is reestablished.

I’d say no, it’s not possible to continue receiving events since the SSE stream gets broken when the connection goes away for more than the timeout periode.
But I can imagine a new SSE stream could be opened once the breakage of the original stream is detected. However - AFAICT - that’s currently not implemented and would be a good point for a feature request here

I’m not talking while the internet is down but once it comes back up I receive no more events even though the devices are up and sending events. I have to refresh the web page and I then start receiving them again.