Console Still Giving the 404 page

I’ve been experiencing the issues with my API calls and access to the console since last weeks outage. The issue seemed to be a combination of the known console issue and hitting the rate limit with API calls. Today, I made strides to reduce the number of calls my web-apps make to the API and I’m still getting 429 errors and can’t log into the console without getting the 404 page. Is there a set amount of time required to get back to normal after being rate limited? Otherwise, I’m not sure what to do, I’m no longer making any calls to the API and still can’t get into the console.

This seems to be related to the outage identified this morning, though I’m noticing much more stable responses through the console and API now than I was yesterday. The improvement could be partially related to an optimization of the number of API calls made from my webapps, though I wouldn’t expect that to account for all of the improvement. Anyway, thanks for updating the System Status page. I’d be happy to relay my experience with this outage to help diagnose the issue, just let me know what would help.

Hi All,

Our cloud engineering team is working on fine tuning the load balancer and distribution of domains and such to make sure you have the best experience when using the console in the browser, as well as addressing the lower-than-planned rate limiting. This has been part of a scaling up of the api, and some of the load balancers are not behaving as expected. We’ll be posting updates at while we work on it.



I appreciate the updates, thanks Dave.

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